In With The New

As the summer dies down and I go back to work, I’m reflecting on where I am in life. I find that there’s been this reoccurring theme that the Universe keeps throwing at me: out with the old and in with the new. New mindsets, friendships, and ways of living.

If you’ve been keeping up on this blog, I’ve shared about my discontentment with certain friendships. Well, since then I’ve realized that I was wrong. How you ask? Because there are times where you stand and fight for people, things, and principles- but there are other times when the Universe will toss and turn until you take heed and and understand that this discomfort is actually a prompting to change.

I’m wrong for trying to hold on to relationships in the same capacity as yesterday even though they continuously leave me feeling misunderstood and inadequate.

You know those people that stay at the same job that they hate and is probably taking years off their life? What about those people with the partner, or lover, that they’re are always complaining about? Or the one who wants to do/go *fill in the black* but can’t because *insert excuse*. Well, I promised myself years ago that I would not be that person and it’s time to reaffirm that promise to myself.

We can easily find ourselves staying in the same relationships, jobs, mindsets and way of living until the day we die if it was solely up to us. So I thank God for the kicks in the butt every now and then prompting me out of my comfort zone and forcing me to change because the status quo just won’t suffice anymore.

It’s time for change people! Still, as easy as this is to say, change and transition are at times difficult and emotionally taxing.

Most of the time, our comfort zone is the status quo on how we’ve lived and operated for a given amount of time. It is the place where we sometimes our “I will kick, scream and fight for the status quo- or what has been in the past”. It doesn’t matter if the status quo is unhealthy as fuck; it’s still out comfort zone and consequently the place we’re usually eager to dwell.

We often pray and wish for God, or the Universe (however you want to look at it), to bring us into our “destiny”. I uncompromisingly believe in destiny, but sometimes in order to walk into our destiny we need the Universe to switch somethings up. The change can be abrupt, something that worked last year, last month, or even yesterday may not work anymore; but we need that kick in the butt because the beliefs, friendships and way we handle business needs to severely shift for us to get to the next level and be sustainable and successful at the next level.

So what I want is:
-To maintain the relationships I’ve had for years.
-Good dick (this will ALWAYS be on my list until it regularly happens).
-Clear direction.

What I need:
– For God to keep showing up in my life and doing what needs to happen for me to grow.
-To stay rooted in God and not let changes effect me on such a person level.
-Good dick. (Lelo just ain’t cutting it)
-Sensitivity to God and wisdom to know how to operate accordingly.

What I deserve:
– A man that loves the shit out of me, even on my worse day…. with bomb ass dick
-Patience and care for my damn self. (#selflove)
-Everything God, and the Universe, has in store for me.

I want everything I’m capable of doing/receiving in this world. So talk to me friends, have you been here? Are you here now? Are you little concerned that I’m about to cut you off? Lol, love you all… thanks so much for reading and talking back!

***Side Note: I wrote this intoxicated af in Vegas at a pool party over the weekend. Crazy, right?

2 thoughts on “In With The New

  1. Yes Lord for the good dick! But yea Im kinda right there with you. At the end of the day it’s LIFE and the butt kicks are necessary; even though they hurt we will always appreciate it in the end. Hopefully the kick along with the good dick from the back will uplift our asses; if ya know what I mean 😏 I mean mine at least because my ass is like a mini cupcake lol

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