Thug Misses

If you know me, you know there have been two types of men I will straight loose my composure over. Thugs and Bosses… and don’t let me find a “Thug Boss” *bites bottom lip seductively*.  Back in the day, if he had some tattoos and war wounds then he was for me honey! So much so that I am still shamed by my mother for having a few ”pen pals” aka boyfriends that went to camp, jail, prison for a while (I grew up during the Ja Rule era and being a Down Ass Bitch was a badge of honor). But after one too many brushes with the law… and death, I had to retire the Thug Misses title.

After much exploration, I shifted my focus solely on bosses; by boss I mean a man that excels in his field, highly respected, and just walks with the type of confidence that can only be explained by having a third leg security. But as of lately, I’m a lot more drawn spcifically to the entrepreneurial man.

Yumm-motha-fuckin-me, there is nothing like the ambition and pure hustle of a man that runs his own business that leaves my panties drenched me excited #StraightBossShit.

To me, that is the definition of a person in charge of their own destiny… and someone that doesn’t have to call his boss when we wanna take spontaneous trips to Santa Barbra.

It is so damn sexy and motivating. So much so that meeting fine ass Kings and Jay’z 4:44 album has been put me in a place where I no longer like the concept of working for someone. I am too damn brilliant and great to be bossed (I love my current work though). Consequently, I have shifted my focus on the external and am focusing on me.

So what I want is:

  1. My mother to cease, desist and apologize for all the shame she placed on my loyalty.
  2. Consistent dick paychecks.
  3. To be fully unbought and unbossed (I can’t do that if I have a boss).

What I need is:

  1. A strategic plan for creating my own business (I’ve got the big idea down, but it still needs a lot of developing).
  2. Accountability (Not from any of you though; mainly because I don’t like accountability)
  3. A deep melanin King Boss that has what it takes for me to turn in my hoe badge settle down.

What I deserve is:

  1. Happiness.
  2. Great sex “The One”.
  3. To be my true, authentic self walking in the physical, financial, spiritual and emotional space I desire.

*I’d like to share that this post actually transformed from a lust filled post about boss men (you may still see traces of that) and shifted into me processing and self-actualizting. This blog thing is pretty cool!

**After my second edit I realized that the definition of “Thug” that I used in this post is hella culturally inappropriate and I was more so describing a gangsta, not a thug. I realize that I still LOVE ME A THUG “bites bottom lip enthusiastically* when used as explains:

“To be a true thug means you havent had it good your whole life, and you intend to change that, and get out of the ghetto if thats where you are, you do whats right, you dont take shit from anyone, and stand up for your friends and dont let them take shit from anyone! You dont have to be a stereotypical “gangsta” to be a thug…”

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