To My Dearest Friend

To My Dearest Friend,

It’s not that I‘m not happy for you and your new love. It’s not that I’m jealous of you and your developing family. It’s that I’m fucking irritated that we haven’t spoken in while.

My dear friend, my dear estranged friend, I know love is patient and kind and shit, but it’s not cool when weeks of phone calls go unanswered. Gone are the times where we would laugh, be happy, and talk about our realities.

My dearest estranged friend, you’ve isolated yourself and I hella feel some kinda way. Maybe I’ve been a bit co-dependent but you were my ace, my partner in crime, my prayer warrior and my personal cheerleader. And I hope that I was something like that to you too. Now I just feel iced out.

What I’m saying is that I’m hella in my feelings because you are my best friend. I miss you. You are my ace, my partner in crime, my prayer warrior, encourager, and personal cheerleader.

Where are you? I can take ghosting from these fake ass jigga-boos, but not you. I’m hella mad. I hella miss you. With my thoughts, love and prayers to the Universe, I will fight for you. For your emotional health and safety. For you to receive the healthy family you so deservingly desire. And for you to not fucking neglect me.

To My Dearest Friend, I’m sending peace, love and blessings straight to you.

To my readers, have you ever felt ghosted (aka neglected/ignored) from a close friend? Share with me your thoughts, feelings, experiences.

10 thoughts on “To My Dearest Friend

  1. Words that came to my mind after reading your first BLOG…. “BRAVE” and “INSPIRING”…. You are brave for openly expressing your emotions, unfortunately something that many of us do not do at all (or may not do well at lmao)……You are inspiring because you have not only inspired me but others to OPENLY COMMUNICATE in an effective way with the people WE LOVE. In my experience, when I moved to the sunny So-Cal, there was a lot of time (maybe months) that would go by without talking to my bestfriends …but we ALWAYS picked back up where we left off as if all of that time lost from not communicating never even happened. Of course, here and there that topic would surface : “you never call me…Well, you never call me….” (lol childish)
    But as time went on, we got better at it communicating with each other. The group chats are ridiculously amazing… I see them ever other month now ….We are so much closer than we were before! 13 years and counting…..This was epic woman! Sky is the limit! I pray your readers learn something from you every time you post! Thanks for the insight! I love you!

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    • You’re so right. I think I just needed to spit out my feelings but you’ve helped me self reflect. Time away isn’t necessarily love lost, just time needed for other parts of life. Guess I need to remember I’m not everyone’s universe center.

      Thanks for talking with me!


  2. Love love love this! And yes!! It is hard for me to put my emotions out there… being ghosted by a friend, partner in crime, is so hard and had me feeling all types of ways. However for me, I didn’t fight. I let them stay in all their happiness and I moved on.

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  3. Love this and I’m so glad you shared this because I can relate in soooo many ways. I too feel these feelings about people I call friends but the way my friends are set up knowing them I know they wouldn’t care. The validation part is big and the neglect is big. I have an estranged best friend and you literally took the words out of my brain with this “To my best friend” almost to the point where I want to screen shot and send it to her. You are worth it and you do deserve it. You have such a peaceful love that is so unconditional. Your energy is so amazing that it’s hard to understand why any friend would make you feel that way. But I encourage this. I’m here for this and I support this. Much love to you!!

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